Heat Pump GMV5 Ultra Heat 208-230V Gree Commercial

Heat Pump GMV5 Ultra Heat 208-230V

Gree Ultra Heat GMV adopts multi-cylinder jet type compressor to ensure strong heating capacity. Its EER reaches
13, with capacity range from 36K to 96K. It has a broad product lineup and is widely applicable to places such as
residential houses, apartments and office buildings.

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Heat Pump Top Dischange Ultra Heating


  • SEER is 20.5 and HSPF up to 11.7, certified with NA Energy Star.
  • Stable operation under – 31℉.
  • Capacity ratio of indoor and outdoor units is 50%~100%.
  • 17 indoor units connectable in maximum.
  • Highly efficient DC inverter control technology adopted.
  • With CAN communication technology, connectable to GMV5 indoor units.
  • Heating performance not weakened even at -4℉.